Sunday, April 5th

Give Now

Welcome to our Sunday Service page.  Even though we can't meet in the building, we can continue to grow in our relationship with Christ.  Here are several ways to play a part in this week's service


1) Listen to the Message

Option #1 - Listen to the audio

Option #2 - Listen to the audio and watch the message slides

For Further Study - Heres an additional thought on storms and Christ's word.  You can listen here or download here.

2) Download the Outline and Study Questions     

3) Participate in Giving

4) Share Your Prayer Request


Giving is part of our weekly worship service, and even though we aren't gathering in person, there are ways to give from home. For more information check out this page.


Send Prayer Request


Listen to Past Messages

Listen to the March 22nd Service




Listen to the March 29th Service