Intro to Serving at New Life

Thank you for your interest in serving! The following steps will help you get up and  serving at New Life:

  1. 1)Be an active member of our church family - The first step towards serving is becoming an active member of our church family.  Whenever possible, we encourage everyone to attend both, a weekend service, and a life group.

  1. 2)Find an area you’re interested in - The next step is to find an area in which you want to serve.  If you already know, great! We can connect you with a leader if so.  If you would like to get involved, but are not sure where, we have a list of possible serving options at New Life.  Contact us and we can help you find a place.

  1. 3)Let us know a little about you - Prior to serving, we ask all volunteers to fill out a volunteer application.  You can find the application online at  Some ministries have additional requirements.  Fill out the information form that fits your serving position.

  1. 4)Connect with a leader - This will be an opportunity to ask questions, clarify commitment, and assess readiness to serve.  This meeting can happen before or after filling out a serving application.

  2. 5)Receive the official “Thumbs Up” to serve - All volunteers must be approved to serve prior to joining a ministry team.  Your leader will work with the church staff to get you officially approved to serve.

  3. 6)Get off to a strong start by listening to “Intro to Serving” - We’ve put   together a 30-minute self study kit to help you get a strong start in serving.  It’s called “Intro to Serving”.  We encourage everyone to listen to this prior to serving at New Life Community Church. 

                                                    Download the Audio

                                                        Listen Online

                                                    Download the Notes

  1. 7)Work with your leader to get ready for your first day of serving - Work with your leader to receive any training or materials that will help you get ready for your first day of serving.

  2. 8)Look forward to God working through you! - Serving God is a great way to make a difference.  We look forward to how God will use you at New Life.

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