Discipleship Essentials Workshop


We believe there are a handful of Biblical practices that lay the foundation for a lifetime of spiritual growth.

This “hands on” workshop goes through seven key Discipleship Essentials that will help you grow in your relationship with Christ.

This eight week group will be taught by Mike Hannah.

Our Next Discipleship Essentials Group will Start

Date: Begins Tuesday February 3rd

Time: 6:30

Location: New Life Community Church

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Topics for the Workshop Include:

Real Relationship with God

  1. -What it means to be a disciple

  2. -Counting the cost of following Christ

  3. -Understanding why many disciples stall out and plateau

Effective Time with God

  1. -Biblical help for developing prayers that make it past the ceiling

  2. -Practical help in learning to develop a daily time with God

  3. -6 types of prayer every believer needs to put into practice

Becoming a Bible- Centered Christian

  1. -Key facts and figures of the Bible

  2. -A “big picture” visual overview of the Bible

  3. -How the different parts of the Bible fit together

  4. -Three steps for studying a Bible passage

  5. -Nine questions to ask when reading a verse

  6. -8 principles of Interpretation

  7. -How to develop a personal Bible study plan

Christ- Centered Relationships

  1. -The three levels of Christian relationships that make up your spiritual support system

  2. -Taking the next step toward spiritual sustaining, Christ- Centered relationships

  3. -Five practical ways to play a part in your church family

  4. -The big deal about Small Groups

Gift Based Serving

  1. -Understanding your part in God’s plan

  2. -Why you’re created on purpose for a purpose

  3. -S.H.A.P.E.D to make a difference

  4. -Taking the first step to make a difference for the cause of Christ

Generous Giving

  1. -Getting to the heart of the matter - Why the Bible talks so much about giving

  2. -Answering the question - How much should I give?

  3. -How to give if you don’t have a lot

  4. -How to grow as a generous giver

Relational Outreach

  1. -How anyone can learn to share their faith

  2. -First steps for the willing but hesitant

  3. -Three Biblical prayers for building your confidence

  4. -Practical help in learning to share your spiritual story