Bible Centered Christian

The Bible is the inspired word of God. God's word helps us to know God and follow him.  The following ideas are designed to help you grow as a Bible-Centered Christian.

1) Get a Readable Bible

Our church uses the New International Version of the Bible.  This is a readable  translation in everyday language. There are many other excellent translations. To learn more about other translations visit this webpage.

2) Choose a Bible Reading Plan

Do you have a plan for reading God’s word?  If not, check out one of the options below.

Bible Reading Challenge Our church encourages members to read a chapter of the Bible each day.  We provide a Bible reading checklist that lays out each date along with a Bible chapter.  To find out more, check out the Bible Reading Challenge Webpage.

Bible in a Year Here is a Downloadable List that will get you through the Bible in one year.

10 Online Reading Plans – Here are a variety of reading plans, some of which you can subscribe to and/or have pushed to your phone. These plans are all based on the ESV version of the Bible (which is also a good translation).

3) Study God's Word with Others

A great way to better understand the Bible, is to have a  place where you can ask questions.  A small group is an excellent place to get started.  Our small groups usually look at the same passage we that study  during the weekend service. This way you can ask questions and share ideas on whatever portion of scripture we looking at.  Check out our Small Group Page for more information.

Listen to a message on the reliability of the Bible

Learn more about the history of the Bible and how the Bible was put together.

4)  Use Online Bible Study Tools to Dig Deeper

Look up the meaning of Greek words with an interlinear Bible, check out Bible dictionaries to learn more about customs and practices.  Read commentaries that help explain passages. Use a concordance that shows the usage and appearances of Biblical words.  A good website for this is 

 Memorize God's Word

Psalm 119:11 says, “I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you” One way to hide God’s word in our hearts is to memorize verses in the Bible.  This will build your faith, and also help you share the Bible with others.  Here is both a quick article on memorizing Bible verses as well as a more  expanded plan for memorizing.

5)  Take College Level Bible Classes for Free. 

You can take many Bible college and Seminary classes for free.  
The following are links to online resources that are free of charge 
and can challenge you to grow in your faith. 

Leadership U
The Theology Program

6)   Find an Accountability Partner to Help You Grow. 

The Bible says that two people can sharpen each other as “Iron sharpens iron”  (Proverbs 27:17) A good way to jumpstart growth is by finding someone that can challenge you spiritually. You can study books of the Bible together.  You could tackle an online theology class and discuss it. You could lift each other up in prayer.  You can meet and ask each other accountability questions. 

7)  Challenge Yourself by Reading a Theology Book

A good step of growth could be working through a systematic theology book.  These books will provide a comprehensive overview of the major truths of scripture.  Several of our members have found either of the following work by Wayne Grudem to be helpful.  Bible Doctrine is written at the undergraduate (four year college) level. Systematic Theology is an expanded version that is written at the graduate school level.